Higher Education Admission Requirements

The admission requirements vary depending on the university and the course you are applying to, but in most of the courses, the entrance is based on your  previous scores/grades, entrance examinations and personal interview. Grades and transcripts must be translated into Russian and notarised. 

Many universities often require non-native speakers to sign up in a Russian language course before the commencement of their full-time studies.

The top universities in Russia have competitive entrance requirements based largely on entrance exams held every year. It is mandatory for students who have Russian citizenship to apply for studies according to the standard system, irrespective of whether they live in Russia or abroad. The Unified State Examination, similar to the SAT used in the United States, is a set of standardized test for high school graduates. The USE exam also empowers talented graduates from remote locations to complete for admissions at the universities of their choices. 

Hence, Russian secondary school graduates are admitted to universities on the basis of the results of the Unified State Exam. A prospective student must take exams in 3 subjects and these exams must be taken during the last year of secondary school. Every student must pass Unified State Exam to enter a university or a professional college. 

Admission Requirements in Russian Universities for 

  • Bachelor’ and Specialist Programs
  • Master’s Program
  • Ph.D and Post-Doctorate Study

For Bachelor’s and Specialist Programs

 Completion of 12 years of Schooling with good grades is mandatory to get in a bachelor course of study. The main documents required for Entry into a bachelor course of study is your upper secondary school-leaving certificate-the original or a notarised copy.

Master’s Program

The students must have 16 years of education for admittance to a Master’s program. The students must have completed 4-year Bakalavr or a Specialist diploma for admission in Master’s program. Students holding a Bachelor degree wanting to pursue a Master program in the same sphere of study, the higher education institutions themselves set up admission procedures, like conducting of the examinations, interviews, and so on. While Students holding the Bachelor degree wanting to pursue the Master program in some other field of study must pass an additional test which reflects the necessities for the Bachelor program in the speciality corresponding to the chosen Master program.

Supporting Documents -

A transcript of the Bachelor's degree certificate in the original language: The degree certificate should have the name of the degree awarding institution, the issue date, and the name of the person to whom the degree certificate has been issued and which title/degree the person has been awarded.
The transcripts include:
  • Grading scale: The document must explain in detail the grading mechanism used at the institution. It should clearly represent the highest grade and the lowest grade, as well as which grades are passing grades and which are not. 
  • Credits awarded for individual study units: An officially certified document issued by the institution that depicts the credits awarded. 
  • Completion times of the study units: An officially certified document issued by the awarding institution that states either the completion times of the individual study units or your overall time of study at the institution. 
Official Certified Copies (Attested): All educational documents must be officially certified by the Notary Public or the awarding institution. 

Ph.D. and Post-Doctorate Study

The students must have a Master’s degree for admittance to a Doctoral studies. Students holding a Magister (Masters) degree or Kandidat Nauk from a recognised Russian University will be considered for admission to Masters, and Doctoral course of studies.

Applying Ways and Means -

Students can apply on-line directly or through University representatives. They require submitting the application form along with the credentials, such as scanned copies of mark-sheets (for all academic years), transcripts, and first and last page of the passport to the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation through the Russian Embassy.The application is then forwarded to the University of Choice. Once all the criteria of admissions are met, the University accepts the admission of the student and issues a letter of confirmation of admission.After receiving the letter of Confirmation or Admission Letter, students need to  apply for the Invitation Letter. An "Invitation Letter" is an authorized document that is issued by the Administration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Upon receiving the Invitation Letter, students must pay the fee.

Documentation -

All documents must to be translated into Russian language and officially notarized Following documents must be submitted before to the University for Admissions: 
  • Application Form & Fees: The application fee varies from course to course and the University.
  • Official Educational Documents including mark sheets, transcripts in English or Russian-Undergraduate and post-graduate studies (wherever applicable). 
  • Secondary School Certificate
  • Tests Scores Reports: Scores of Russian language and English language tests must be submitted (if applicable).
  • Motivation Letter: It should demonstrate why you are interested in the specific course/program, your motives, and  why you want to study at this particular institution.. 
  • Recommendation Letter: At least two letters of recommendation are required. It should demonstrate your potential, strengths, accomplishments and character. It should include a summary that explains why you would recommend this person and to what degree you would recommend them.
  • Curriculum Vitae: Focus on your previous education and work experience (if applicable). Mention your academic accomplishments and awards and honors, volunteer activities and extra-curricular involvement and interest.
  • Medical Certificate: Stating general health conditions
  • Passport Copy with expire date not earlier than 18 month since the arrival date.(For International Students)

International Students

A foreign student who wishes to seek admission to a higher education institution in the Russian Federation have to submit an application form, higher secondary school completion certificate, medical certificate confirming good state of health, page of passport with his/her name & photo, and scanned copy of bank transfer. 

Russian Language Requirement -

International students must take the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL). The minimal level of competence in the Russian language required for admittance in the University is TORFL (TRKI) CEFR level 1 (B1).

English Language Requirement -

English language requirements vary by course and department. The accepted English language tests scores are
  • TOEFL-Test of English as a Foreign Language
  • IELTS Academic-International English Language Testing System
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