Academic Grading in Russia

In the education system of the Russian Federation performance of students is indicated by numbered grades. Academic Grades on a student marksheet/certificate of School, College of University education show the level of performance in the given year and class. The academic grading system in Russia is shown below on a Scale of 1 to 5.
  • 5: "Excellent" (Russian пять [ˈpʲ�tʲ], отлично [ɐtʲˈlʲitɕnɐ]), indicates highest distinction and excellent knowledge of a subject
  • 4: "Good" (Russian четыре [tɕɪˈtɨrʲɪ], хорошо [xərɐˈʂo]), indicates good knowledge of a subject
  • 3: "Satisfactory" (Russian три [ˈtrʲi], удовлетворительно [ʊdəvlʲɪtvɐˈrʲitʲɪlʲnə]), sometimes translated as "Fair", indicates a creditable or passing grade
  • 2: "Unsatisfactory" (Russian два [ˈdva], неудовлетворительно, abbr. "неуд" [ˈnʲɛʊt]), indicates limited knowledge of a subject, below average, the first level of failing
  • 1: "Very Poor" (Russian единица, очень плохо), the lowest possible grade, indicates complete failure, and is very rarely used

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