Russian Embassies and Consulates Around the World

Russian Consulates around the Globe!

Russia has established several consulates worldwide to cater to the Russian Immigrants. 
Following are the Russian Embassies and Consulates around the world:


  • Abkhazia- Sukhumi (Embassy)
  • Albania-Tirana (Embassy)
  • Austria-Vienna (Embassy), Salzburg (Consulate General)
  • Belarus-Minsk (Embassy), Brest (Consulate General)
  • Belgium-Brussels (Embassy), Antwerp (Consulate General)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina-Sarajevo (Embassy)
  • Bulgaria-Sofia (Embassy), Rousse (Consulate General), Varna (Consulate General)
  • Croatia-Zagreb (Embassy)
  • Cyprus-Nicosia (Embassy)
  • Czech Republic-Prague (Embassy), Brno (Consulate General), Karlovy Vary (Consulate General)
  • Denmark-Copenhagen (Embassy)
  • Estonia-Tallinn (Embassy), Narva (Consulate General), Tartu (Consular Department)
  • Finland-Helsinki (Embassy), Mariehamn (Consulate), Turku (Consulate General)
  • France-Paris (Embassy), Marseille (Consulate General), Strasbourg (Consulate General)
  • Georgia- Tbilisi (No diplomatic relations - Embassy of Switzerland in Tbilisi (Russian Interests Section))
  • Germany-Berlin (Embassy), Bonn (Consulate General), Frankfurt (Consulate General), Hamburg (Consulate General), Leipzig (Consulate General), Munich (Consulate General)
  • Greece-Athens (Embassy), Thessaloniki (Consulate General)
  • Hungary-Budapest (Embassy), Debrecen (Consulate General)
  • Iceland-Reykjavik (Embassy)
  • Ireland-Dublin (Embassy)
  • Italy-Rome (Embassy), Genoa (Consulate General), Milan (Consulate General), Palermo (Consulate General)
  • Latvia-Riga (Embassy), Liepāja (Consulate General), Daugavpils (Consulate General)
  • Lithuania-Vilnius (Embassy), Klaipėda (Consulate General)
  • Luxembourg-Luxembourg (Embassy)
  • Macedonia-Skopje (Embassy), Bitola (Consulate-General)
  • Malta-Valletta (Embassy)
  • Moldova-Chişinău (Embassy)
  • Montenegro-Podgorica (Embassy)
  • Netherlands-The Hague (Embassy)
  • Norway-Oslo (Embassy), Barentsburg (Consulate General), Kirkenes (Consulate General)
  • Poland-Warsaw (Embassy), Gdańsk (Consulate General), Krakow (Consulate General), Poznań (Consulate General)
  • Portugal-Lisbon (Embassy)
  • Romania-Bucharest (Embassy), Constanţa (Consulate General)
  • Serbia-Belgrade (Embassy), Pristina (Liaison Office)
  • Slovakia-Bratislava (Embassy)
  • Slovenia-Ljubljana (Embassy)
  • South Ossetia-Tskhinvali (Embassy)
  • Spain-Madrid (Embassy), Barcelona (Consulate General)
  • Sweden-Stockholm (Embassy), Gothenburg (Consulate General)
  • Switzerland-Bern (Embassy), Geneva (Consulate General)
  • Ukraine-Kiev (Embassy), Kharkiv (Consulate General), Lviv (Consulate General), Odessa (Consulate General), Simferopol (Consulate General)
  • United Kingdom-London (Embassy), Edinburgh (Consulate General)
  • Vatican City (The Holy See)-Rome (Embassy)

North America

  •  Canada-Ottawa (Embassy), Montreal (Consulate General), Toronto (Consulate General)
  • Costa Rica-San Jose (Embassy)
  • Cuba-Havana (Embassy), Santiago de Cuba (Consulate General)
  •  Guatemala-Guatemala City (Embassy)
  •  Jamaica-Kingston (Embassy)
  •  Mexico-Mexico City (Embassy)
  •  Nicaragua-Managua (Embassy)
  •  Panama-Panama City (Embassy)
  •  United States-Washington D.C. (Embassy), Houston (Consulate General), New York (Consulate General), San Francisco (Consulate General), Seattle (Consulate General)

South America

  •  Argentina-Buenos Aires (Embassy)
  •  Bolivia-La Paz (Embassy)
  •  Brazil-Brasilia (Embassy), Rio de Janeiro (Consulate General), Sao Paulo (Consulate General)
  •  Chile-Santiago (Embassy)
  •  Colombia-Bogota (Embassy)
  •  Ecuador-Quito (Embassy)
  •  Guyana-Georgetown (Embassy)
  •  Paraguay-Asuncion (Embassy)
  •  Peru-Lima (Embassy)
  •  Uruguay-Montevideo (Embassy)
  •  Venezuela-Caracas (Embassy)


  •  Algeria-Algiers (Embassy), Annaba (Consulate General)
  •  Angola-Luanda (Embassy)
  •  Benin-Cotonou (Embassy)
  •  Botswana-Gaborone (Embassy)
  •  Burundi-Bujumbura (Embassy)
  •  Cameroon-Yaounde (Embassy)
  •  Cape Verde-Praia (Embassy)
  •  Central African Republic-Bangui (Embassy)
  •  Chad-Ndjamena (Embassy)
  •  Democratic Republic of the Congo-Kinshasa (Embassy)
  •  Republic of the Congo-Brazzaville (Embassy)
  •  Cote d'Ivoire-Abidjan (Embassy)
  •  Djibouti-Djibouti City (Embassy)
  •  Egypt-Cairo (Embassy), Alexandria (Consulate General)
  •  Eritrea-Asmara (Embassy)
  •  Ethiopia-Addis Ababa (Embassy)
  •  Gabon-Libreville (Embassy)
  •  Ghana-Accra (Embassy)
  •  Guinea-Conakry (Embassy)
  •  Guinea-Bissau-Bissau (Embassy)
  •  Kenya-Nairobi (Embassy)
  •  Libya-Tripoli (Embassy)
  •  Madagascar-Antananarivo (Embassy)
  •  Mali-Bamako (Embassy)
  •  Mauritania-Nouakchott (Embassy)
  •  Mauritius-Port Louis (Embassy)
  •  Morocco-Rabat (Embassy), Casablanca (Consulate General)
  •  Mozambique-Maputo (Embassy)
  •  Namibia-Windhoek (Embassy)
  •  Nigeria-Abuja (Embassy), Lagos (Consulate General)
  •  Rwanda-Kigali (Embassy)
  •  Senegal-Dakar (Embassy)
  •  Seychelles-Victoria (Embassy)
  •  South Africa-Pretoria (Embassy), Cape Town (Consulate General)
  •  South Sudan- Juba (Embassy)
  •  Sudan-Khartoum (Embassy)
  •  Tanzania-Dar es Salaam (Embassy)
  •  Tunisia-Tunis (Embassy)
  •  Uganda-Kampala (Embassy)
  •  Zambia-Lusaka (Embassy)
  •  Zimbabwe-Harare (Embassy)


  •  Afghanistan-Kabul (Embassy), Mazar-e-Sharif (Consulate General)
  •  Armenia-Yerevan (Embassy), Gyumri (Consulate General)
  •  Azerbaijan-Baku (Embassy)
  •  Bahrain-Manama (Embassy)
  •  Bangladesh-Dhaka (Embassy), Chittagong (Consulate General)
  •  Brunei-Bandar Seri Begawan (Embassy)
  •  Burma-Yangon (Embassy)
  •  Cambodia-Phnom Penh (Embassy)
  •  China-Beijing (Embassy), Guangzhou (Consulate General), Hong Kong (Consulate General), Shanghai (Consulate General), Shenyang (Consulate General)
  •  India- New Delhi (Embassy), Chennai (Consulate General), Kolkata (Consulate General), Mumbai (Consulate General)
  •  Indonesia-Jakarta (Embassy), Denpasar (Consulate General)
  •  Iran-Tehran (Embassy), Isfahan (Consulate General), Rasht (Consulate General)
  •  Iraq-Baghdad (Embassy), Erbil (Consulate General)
  •  Israel-Tel Aviv (Embassy), Haifa (Consulate General)
  •  Japan-Tokyo (Embassy), Hakodate (Consulate General), Niigata (Consulate General), Osaka (Consulate General), Sapporo (Consulate General)
  •  Jordan-Amman (Embassy)
  •  Kazakhstan-Astana (Embassy), Almaty (Consulate General), Oral (Consulate)
  •  North Korea- Pyongyang (Embassy), Chongjin (Consulate General)
  •  Republic of Korea- Seoul (Embassy), Busan (Consulate General)
  •  Kuwait- Kuwait City (Embassy)
  •  Kyrgyzstan-Bishkek (Embassy), Osh (Consulate General)
  •  Laos- Vientiane (Embassy)
  •  Lebanon-Beirut (Embassy)
  •  Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur (Embassy)
  •  Mongolia-Ulaanbaatar (Embassy), Darkhan (Consulate General), Erdenet (Consulate General)
  •    Nepal-Kathmandu (Embassy)
  •  Oman-Muscat (Embassy)
  •  Pakistan-Islamabad (Embassy), Karachi (Consulate General)
  •  Palestine-Ramallah (Embassy)
  •  Philippines-Manila (Embassy)
  •  Qatar-Doha (Embassy)
  •  Saudi Arabia-Riyadh (Embassy), Jeddah (Consulate General)
  •  Singapore-Singapore (Embassy)
  •  Sri Lanka-Colombo (Embassy)
  •  Syria-Damascus (Embassy), Aleppo (Consulate General)
  •  Taiwan-Taipei (Representative Office in Taipei for the Moscow-Taipei Coordination Commission on Economic and Cultural Cooperation)
  •  Tajikistan-Dushanbe (Embassy), Khujand (Consulate General)
  •  Thailand-Bangkok (Embassy)
  •  Turkey-Ankara (Embassy), Istanbul (Consulate General), Trabzon (Consulate General), Antalya (Consulate)
  •  Turkmenistan-Ashgabat (Embassy), Turkmenbashy (Consulate)
  •  United Arab Emirates-Abu Dhabi (Embassy), Dubai (Consulate General)
  •  Uzbekistan-Tashkent (Embassy)
  •  Vietnam-Hanoi (Embassy), Ho Chi Minh City (Consulate General), Danang (Consulate General)
  •  Yemen-Sana'a (Embassy), Aden (Consulate General)


  • Australia-Canberra (Embassy), Sydney (Consulate General)
  •  New Zealand-Wellington (Embassy)
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