Studying and Living for International Students in Russia

Spending time in Russia is an essential part when you are planning to get a degree from Russia. Well, a student who has been there is sure to tell you the best!

Most students dwell in dormitories provided by universities, and this is the least expensive alternative. Other alternatives include home stay (good for doubly immersion and a look at Russian life!) or renting an apartment with roommates or alone. Let us discuss more about staying and living in Russia for students across the globe  -

Accommodation for International Students in Russia

International Students can stay in hostels of the educational institutions, rental flats, shared rooms, or home stay accommodation.
  • University or College Accommodation: All Russian higher education institutions have halls of residence available for students. Also, shared rooms which include a toilet and a bathroom. 
  • Home Stay Accommodation: The home stay gives students the chance to experience the Russian culture first-hand. It facilitates language learning and gives an opportunity to learn Russian customs and traditions.
  • Off-Campus Accommodation: Off campus accommodation means living independent of the University. This includes rental flats and apartments or shared houses. You can privately rent a house or apartment, share with other students. Costs for off campus accommodation will vary with size, location and the facilities provided. 

Tuition Fees

State higher education institutions provide programs which are free of charge for Russian citizens and courses for which tuition fees are charged. International students who do not receive a Russian Federation state scholarship are required to pay a tuition fee which exceeds USD 300 per month. The tuition fees vary from one institution to the other and from one area of study to the other. The interested students must contact the Department for Specialists' Training for Foreign Countries at the respective institution for details of the same.

Other Expenses

The living cost is about $300 - $400 per month in Russia. Day to day living costs in St Petersburg and Volgograd are slightly lower than in Moscow. The weekly grocery bill that includes eating, drinking and dining is likely to be about $40-80 per person. 

Transportation Costs: A monthly metro pass costs between 250 roubles and 500 roubles. Bus, trolleybus, and tram tickets cost 10 - 50 cents for one journey. Train travel in Russia is exceedingly good value. 

Transportation in Russia

One can travel around Russia by taxi, metro, car or trains. You can buy Russian train tickets at any train station in Russia or online. Students are allowed to discounted monthly passes. A travel-card on government transports, like subway trains, electric buses are issued for students, by universities and cost a very reasonable amount. The best option to travel in Russia is the Metro, the tickets of which can be taken from the station itself. Other option is minibus taxi. Minibus taxis are inexpensive and fast, and travel to a variety of routes.

Working While You Study

International students are permitted to work up to 15 hours a week during term time and full time on holidays. Work opportunities are available on campus and through general employment agencies.

How Safe is Russia for International Students? 

Safety in Russia depends on where you reside, but in general crime is no more of a problem in Russia than in other major countries. The concerns of homophobia and racism continue to plague Russia’s impression, but steps are being taken by the Russian government and the universities to make the safety of international students certain.

In any emergency, you can contact the emergency services: fire, police or ambulance, by dialing 01 from any public telephone or 112 from your mobile phone. This call is free of charge. Non-emergency calls are required to be made to your local police station using the local telephone number in the telephone directory.
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