USE: Unified State Exam

The Unified State Exam (USE) was introduced in Russia in 2001 and is managed and regulated by The Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science jointly with the local public education authorities of the regions of Russia.

The USE is an exam in the Russian Federation that every student needs to pass after graduation from school in order to get into a University or a Professional College. The Unified State Exams are generally held during the month of May-June and there are 14 general subjects to study.

To get a diploma, it is mandatory to pass the USE compulsory subjects – Russian language and Mathematics. The students can take two additional subject exams in Foreign languages – English, German, French, Spanish; Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Literature, History and Introduction to social sciences and computing sciences.

USE Registration

To appear in the USE key dates and advance, one must apply before March 1 and for the additional terms, one can apply until July 5. There is no fee charged for the Unified State Exams.

Structure of USE

The USE comprises of three different parts: Part A, Part B and part C.
  • Part A: This part consists of multiple choice questions with four options.
  • Part B: This part consists of tasks in which student are required to give a short written answer, as a rule several letters or numbers.
  • Part C: This part comprises of one or several tasks in which students are required to use their creativity to complete the given task.
The parts A and B are checked by a computer, while the part C is checked by three experts of the regional examination committee.

USE in Russian Language

USE scores in Russian language are required for admission to universities. The Minimum number of points required in the Russian language is 24 test scores.


USE in Russian language is a 3.5 hours exam and comprises three parts:
  • Part 1 (A1-A30) consists of 30 tasks with four options. The duration for completing the section is 60 minutes.
  • Part 2 (B1-B8) consists of 8 tasks. The duration for completing the section is 30 minutes.
  • Part 3 (C1- Composition) consists of one task and an essay. The essay should be written clearly and should not be less than 150 words. The duration for completing Part 3 module is about 90-100 minutes

USE Scoring

The correct answer, depending on the complexity of each task, is given one or more points. Scores on all completed assignments are summarized.
  • Each correct answer in part A is of 1 point. If two or more answers including the right, the wrong answer or no answer, is given 0 points.
  • For the correct answer to the task B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, is allotted 1-point while the incorrect answer is given 0 points.
  • Question B8 is evaluated on a scale from 0 to 4points wherein 4-points means no errors, 3-points means 1 error allowed, 2-points means two admitted mistakes, 1-point means right contains only one digit and 0-points means the answer is completely wrong.
  • Part C1 the maximum number of primary points allotted are 23. Primary points are thus converted into test score.

USE Exam (Mathematics)

The minimum score required in mathematics for admissions to Universities is 4 primary (test 20) points.


USE in Mathematics is a 3 hour and 55 minutes exam and comprises two parts:
  • Part 1 (B1-B10): This part consists of 10 questions with a brief reply to the baseline material mathematics course. The answer is an integer or a finite decimal fraction.
  • Part 2 (B11-B15, C1-C6): This part consists of 11 complex tasks on the mathematics course material. For task C1-C6, you need to compose a complete solution and answer.

USE Mathematics Scoring and Results

The correct answer depending on the complexity of each task is evaluated by one or more points. Scores on all completed assignments are summarised.
  • Correct answer of each task B1-B15 earns them a 1 primary point. The maximum number of points that can be earned is 15.
  • Correct answers for each of the tasks C1 and C2 earns 2-points, C3 and C4 gets 3-points, C5 and C6 earns 4-points.
  • Tasks C5 and C6 focuses on the mathematical preparation of the entrants and are aimed for competitive selection to universities. The maximum number of initial points for all the tasks is 33. Primary points are translated into test scores.
  • The Part 1 (B1 - B15) is checked by computer while the Part 2 (C1-C6) tasks are checked by experts.
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