Student Visa for International Students in Russia

If you intend to Study in any Russian Institution, you need a Russian Student Visa. A standard student visa is issued for a time span of up to one year to a foreign student wishing to study in an educational institution of the Russian Federation. The visa grants the students to study in Russia for the duration of their course, as defined in the letter of invitation from the educational institution.

How to Apply for a Russian Student Visa?

To be eligible for student visa, you must first obtain a place at a Russian educational institution. The Russian Educational Institution will then send an official invitation, which is a central to the Russian student visa application. 

You can apply online directly to the consulate or through the University wherein you have been admitted. 

If applying through a University: You will require submitting your details to the university and the "foreign department" of the academia that will take care of all the formalities. They will submit all your details to the immigration officials and have your student invitation ready in a few days. Later, they'll either send you the invitation by post or by fax.  
If applying directly to the Consulate: Applications must first be made online to the Russian Visa Application Centre in your country. The online application-printed copy should then be send either by post or in person together with all required documents and payment. You’ll need to pay a normal fee.


The following documents are required to be submitted -

Letter of Invitation: An Invitation Letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its Regional Office. If the region of the institution where you've been enrolled does not have a Regional Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in that case, the Institution must issue the letter of invitation on its official letterhead, ratified by the head of the institution and attested either by the Office for International Affairs of the local government or by the local bureau of the Ministry of Interior.
  • Educational Certificates: The recent diploma/degree certificates attested by the State or Federal government agencies.
  • Health Certificates: A health certificate stating the current health conditions along with a HIV test certificate copy. It must be attested by the concerned authority at the local office of the Secretary of State. All such certificates must be translated into Russian.
  • Payment Confirmation: A payment confirmation, i.e. tuition fees, straight from the Institutions the pupil is enrolled at.
  • Passport: The original valid passport of the applicant along with a copy of at least 2 pages in order, attach to the visa. 
  • Visa Application Form: Two dated and signed Visa Application Forms
  • Photos: Two identical passport size photographs taken on white background. Mention your name on the back of the photographs.
  • Remittance to the Russian Consulate in the form of cashier's check or money order.
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